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<p>Taking just one look at The new Canon Power Shot S95 will have you moving an upgrade of your current digital camera to the top of your to do list. This ultra-slim, intelligent S95 Canon PowerShot is packed with just about all truly serious photographer's requirements, which includes a bright f/2.0 wide angle lens and professional style control ring for intuitive manual control. The Canon HS System is built in for striking overall performance as well as image quality in lower lighting. And also, brand new for a compact camera, the S95 Powershot incorporates Canon's Hybrid IS for blur-free shooting even close-up. You'll shoot stunning 720p HD video with stereo sound, then watch it immediately on your HDTV with the simple HDMI connection. If photography's your passion, now is the perfect time to step up to a S95 Canon PowerShot .</p>

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